A Competitive Section for Documentary Films

Find out the details of almost 50+ Select Documentaries across the world

  • Afghanistan. Imprisoned And Free

    Vahur Laiapea

  • Checker Tobi And Our Planet's Secret (dir. Tischner)

    Martin Tischner

  • Coffin Decolleté

    Nancy Kamal

  • Coral Woman

    Priya Thuvassery

  • Deep Roots - Dans Nos Veines (dir. Dossou)

    Luc Godonou Dossou

  • I See In The Dark

    Lana Bregar

  • In Search Of Woman

    Mojtaba Kuhkan

  • Ivan's Game

    Tomislav Zaja

  • Kiruna - A Brand New World

    Greta Stocklassa

  • Kiss The Ground

    Josh Tickell, Rebecca Tickell

  • La La Every You

    Chu Yen-Lan

  • Lat (addiction)

    Arjun Rajput

  • Linggih Aksara

    Ni Luh Putu Indra Dewi Anjani

  • Of Sand And Gold

    Raghed Charabaty

  • Paw Prints

    Nebula Karkada

  • Restoring Dignity

    Claire Jeantet, Fabrice Catérini

  • Retratos De Mi Madre - Portraits Of My Mother (dir. Ruiz)

    Tavo Ruiz

  • Serenade To The Wind

    Sanela Bajric

  • Shaman

    Otwin Biernat, James Wolley

  • The Last Tribe

    Amit Goswamy

  • The Metro Symphony

    Audy Zandri, Antoine Fountaine

  • The Outside In

    Hansa Thapliyal

  • The Power Of Passport

    Simona Carnino

  • The Sounds Of Life

    Ori Di Vincenzo

  • The Weight Of Gold

    Yves Itzek, Milosz Zmijewski, Oscar Diaz

  • Ticket To The Moon

    Veronika Janatkova

  • Tickets, Please!

    Astrid Serafini

  • Uzrock

    Arslan Veliev

  • Voice Of Siang

    Joor Baruah

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